Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Center of Attention

Friday night, we went to a surprise graduation party. Not only was it is party, but they had a band and dance floor. I made the mistake of putting Charcey down on the dance floor to walk around. The minute she realized that she was the center of attention on the dance floor (because no one was dancing)...I could not pull her away. She would try to dance. She would also wave to everyone that was looking at her and smile. She was a total ham. She had all of us rolling. We have come to find out that she loves being the center of attention...which is total opposite than me or her dad. These pictures do not do the occasion justice...I should have taken my video camera!


Anonymous said...

Someone that cute should be the center of attention!!!


timmons said...

My sweet Baby Girl she looks like a big girl in these pictures...I love the way she loves me back...when I open my arms and she comes running to me and hugs me already. How she gives MeMe wet kisses...How she smiles when she hears my voice...She melts my heart every day. I love my Babies so much...I thank the Good Lord everyday for my special time with them both. It's the Best thing ever...I Love You all very much MeMe

Ingram Gang said...

She is so, so cute. I mean that. Her outfit is so great. I wish I could have seen you the day of baby dedication. Hopefully I will run into you soon :)