Monday, May 19, 2008

My Big Girl

This past week Charcey has officially transitioned from Baby to Toddler. I can't really say that I am ready for her to do this, but it happened anyway. Just this past week she has learned so many new things. Here is a list of them:

1. She has become the marathon runner - she will walk/run for hours

2. Says new words - Ball, Baby, Duck, Quack Quack, Bug, Up, No-No Reesey (our dog)

3. Realized that being outside is more fun than inside - and will gladly tell you about it!

4. Learned her feet do other things than just help her walk like - kicking the ball, stomping, and standing on Rance's (our cat) tail.

5. Learned that Foster does not like for her to take the toys away - he lets her know his feelings now.

6. Hills are not fun to run up or fall down

7. All hair bows are called "Hats"

8. Drinking out of a big cup is alot more fun - even if that means spilling it every where

9. Her training potty is more fun to stand in than potty in

10. She has become an expert and dramatic kiss blower - my favorite!

She learns things everyday, it is amazing how little kids become sponges at this age - they absorb anything and everything.

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timmons said...

I Love my Big Girl...she keeping me smiling and laughing...she is in to everything and loves being a big girl now MeMe loves Charcey