Monday, March 31, 2008

1 Year Dr Appointment

This is another picture of Charcey climbing.

I took Charcey to see Dr. Scott this morning for her 1 year checkup. We love Dr. Scott. Anyway, Charcey weighed 19 lbs 3 oz. Charcey went from being in the 95th percentile in her weight when she was born to the 10th percentile now. Ever since she started crawling when she was 7 months old...she has not stopped moving. That and the fact that her diet consists of Spaghetti Os, Beefaroni, Ravioli and fruit. The doctor did not seem concerned that she was not gaining much weight. She was also 29" tall, which was in the 25th percentile. Unfortunately, Charcey is going to be short like me. She also got three shots..which hurt her feelers more than her legs, but she will for sure let on as if she is in complete agony. We are going to start whole cow's milk this week. All in all the appoinment went really well.

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Kenzie, Cody, Kalei, Emeri, Nevin and Averi Smith said...

She is getting so big. Climbing on everything. I am waiting to take mine for their 2 year check up...since they have caught everything under the sun, not going to take that chance!