Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ashley & Foster

I just wanted to take a little time and brag on my sister, Ashley and my nephew, Foster. They are so precious to me. Ashley is my best friend. I just love being with her and I would drop everything to do just that. Foster and Charcey are already best friends, both of them light up when the other comes in the room. Foster is the most handsome little boy and has such a sweet spirit about him. I love his slobbery kisses and his big brown eyes. What a blessing he is in my life.

Ashley is a such a great mother. She loves Foster more than life itself, and would absolutely do anything for that little guy. She has grown so much as a person in the past year, and I pray that God continues to use her. She has so much to give and so much talent. She is an amazing teacher. The way she works with her special needs students brings tears to my eyes. They all love her and she loves them back. God has given her so much patience and love for those kids!

I thank God everyday for giving me Ashley as a sister and best friend and for allowing Foster to become part of our family.

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