Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend 'O' Fun

We had a really busy weekend. Let me give you the run down:

Friday: Randall's Homecoming Football Game (Please excuse the goofy grins, Charcey thinks it is really funny to look silly when I have the camera in front of her)

Saturday: Tri State Fair Parade-it was a very long parade, so we left about halfway through.
Sunday: Church, then playing outside. This is Charcey's "WOW" face. She is looking at a car going by. She loves cars and bugs...seriously, she is a tom-boy!
Sunday Night: Where is Charcey, you ask? Look closely, you might see her. This is her new fun game.


Hooker Family said...

Y'alls weekend sounded as busy as ours! Loved seeing your sweet baby and her different faces! She is just precious!!

timmons said...

MeMe loves you are so much fun and I love your faces you make they makes me laugh and are the joy of my life.

Foster's Journey said...

not only is she a girl after my own heart but she has stolen my heart! She is precious, I love you Charcey Kaye.

Aunt Lala