Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Additions:

This past month as been a month of additions in the Payne family. First, we enclosed our patio to become an office. The cabinets were installed yesterday. The furniture for the room is purchased. Now we just have to paint the cabinets, doors and trim, then the new hard wood floor has to be laid. Next we added a side patio onto our house. We converted the double window in the breakfast nook to a double door, poured concrete, had a pergola built, and fenced it in. The only thing lacking in this area to be complete is a door going from the side patio into the garage. We are so ready for our house to be back together and everything in my house to not be covered in saw dust or dust from the texture. We are almost there:

Finally we added two new animals to the family, Rex & Reney. Charcey LOVES fish, so her daddy bought her two of them. She just adores them. Although she does not understand why she can not hold them or kiss them.

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Ingram Gang said...

Wow! I got a little stressed by all your renovations, but everything looks so great!!!