Thursday, July 31, 2008

Put Him First?

A wise godly man said this to me today: "Don't just put Jesus first, put Him central". This certain man and I have had this conversation many, many times...but it is today, that I actually got it. We hear the cliche "Put Jesus first or put God first" all the time. But why not put Him in everything? Why not make Him central? This man knows the bible better than any man I have ever known. He is not a preacher, pastor or minister...he is merely a man that does manual labor and glorifies God in everything he does. He just turned 81 this year and he said it has taken him this long to actually realize that God our Savior should be central, not just first. His views are very different and so deep. It is hard for me to follow the depths of his soul sometimes, but I love having these conversations with him. For the past 4 years I have been teaching him about grammar because he believes that if people actually read the bible with a knowledge of grammar and the English language, they will see and understand the bible in a totally different way. He believes that if we put God in everything and make him central, we can grasp the true meaning of our life that God has for us. Honestly, I can't disagree...I just hope I learn this lesson.

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