Wednesday, April 23, 2008


For those of you who watch Rob & Big on MTV, you will know what D.G.L. stands for...for those of you who don't it means "Dirty Girl for Life". Now the way they use it on the show is in a totally diffent context than I am using it. Jeremy and I love Rib & Big, I know, I know...but we still love it.

Jeremy and I were outside last night playing with Charcey and we have come to the realization that Charcey is a D.G.L. It has taken me a year to face that fact that my sweet, pretty little girl is going to be a tom-boy (just like her Aunt Ashley was).

No matter how many times I wash her hands, she will always have dirt underneth her nails.

No matter how many times I brush her hair, it will always be a mess.

No matter how many times I change her socks, they will always look as if she just walked through mud.

I can dress her in cute outfits, but she is still going to be a tom-boy at heart. We were sitting on the porch last night watching Charcey dig in the dirt, rub in through her hair, and smile the whole time. At least she is happy about being a D.G.L. (Look at her socks in these pictures)


Smith Family said...

I have given up on putting nice things on the kids just because they always get something on them. They either stay in play clothes all the time or their pj's. It's terrible but you do what you have to do!

timmons said...

At MeMe house today she picked up a JuneBug(still alive)...yuk...her Mommy ate a junebug when she was about her age...she does love it outside...her and Foster love to go walking in the double stroller I have for them. they are so much fun...never a dull moment at MeMe and Pops' house...We love you both very much

Heather said...

hey Miss Jennifer. How are you. I haven't seen u in forever. Sounds like things r good. Your baby girl is precious. I just realized that you are the one that did such an amazing job on Kendra and Britt's blog headers. They are beautiful. I may hire you to do one for me sometime. Lol. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you later girl.

Jocelyn said...

She can come play at my house anytime. I too am a Dirty Girl For Life. :-)