Friday, March 21, 2008

She's a climber

The night before last, Charcey and I were doing the dishes as we do most every night; I load them in the dish washer, and she takes them out...but she is happy doing it, so I don't stop her. Well this particular night, Charcey took "loading" the dishwasher a little too far. I was scrubbing away on a pan and turned around to see that Charcey decided that she needed to be ran through the dish washer....which in all honestly, she did...that is a different story. All I could do was laugh and run to get my camera. Now that she is an "expert" at walking, I guess she is trying to accomplish climbing. She has figured out that she can hike ler leg on things and climb on top of them, and she tries to do it all the time. Whatever is in the floor, she will try and conquer it...including me, Jeremy, Reese (our dog) or our fat cat Rance, not to mention pillows or boxes. She makes us laugh everday, these are times I cherish.

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