Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Her Party...and She will Cry if She Wants To

On Saturday we are having Charcey's first birthday party. Now anyone that knows Jeremy and I, knows that we love having parties, showers or just get togethers at our house. We also love to have themed parties. Well Charcey's birthday party is no exception. We have gone all out. We are having an Easter theme (of course, since it is the day before Easter). We are going to have a big Easter Egg Hunt! This past weekend Jeremy and I spent Saturday filling a little under 300 eggs with toys and candy along with goodie bags for all the little ones that come to the party. This does not sound that bad, right...just wait.

As I started going through the closet that I filled with everything we need for the party, I started realizing that I have not over done it! Let me know tell you all that I have: Easter Egg plates (big & small), Easter Egg napkins, polka dot napkins, Easter Egg platters, polka pot platters, polka dot serving plates, flower shaped platters, a huge Easter Egg tray (for the Easter cupcakes, of course), a purple, yellow, & green pitcher and finally three flower shaped serving bowls....and all of this is just for the food. Now for the decorations, I have everything that you can image that says "Easter" or "1st Birthday" on it...yard signs, banners, balloons, posters, hangy-down things, table decorations and so on. Not to mention all the house decorations that I bought so that we would looked decorated for Easter (as if it were not obvious, already).

Oh and did I mention, the Easter Bunny is going to come and visit. I just hope Charcey does not decide she needs a nap around the time the party is going to start and that all the kids are not afraid of the Easter Bunny. I will let you know how it all turns out.


timmons said...

Love it all MeMe & Pops

Anonymous said...

The party sounds like FUN!!! We can't wait.

Lisa and Hunter

Kenzie, Cody, Kalei, Emeri, Nevin and Averi Smith said...
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Kenzie, Cody, Kalei, Emeri, Nevin and Averi Smith said...


Anonymous said...

soon be time for some p-ssy play