Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Every 6 Months Post :)

What a 6 Months it has been.....for sure!
At 15 Months, Chandler broke his leg.  He broke his right tibia.  He was riding on a little roller coaster with is cousin Kyler.  Kyler held on tight, just as he should have.  When they hit level ground, Chandler's little leg was caught under the car.  It was horrible and I hope we never have to deal with that again.  We are on the upside and he is back to running.

Charcey is absolutely loving kindergarten.  She has a great teacher and is making new friends.  I am so proud of her.  She is also on a Mini-Cheerleading Squad at Cheer Texas.  She is working very hard learning routines and practicing.  Her first competition is Jan 12th.  We can't wait.

We had a great Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Charcey was a lollipop Fairy and Chandler was a Tiger "wild thing".  Chandler loved trick or treating.  Thanksgiving to got to spend time with cousin Graham & Josh. 

Chandler had a little Thanksgiving Program at School - he was a turkey.

He slept through the entire thing :).  It was priceless.
Chandler just went in for his 18 mo checkup. 
Height: 33-1/4" (75%-90%)
Head: 19-3/4" (95%)
Weight: 26.3 lbs (50%)
Maybe I will blog again before Chandler's 2nd birthday....but don't count on it :).


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