Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year...only 2 weeks late

Wow, It is already two weeks into 2010. We hope that everyone had a great new years. We had a calm relaxing new year. We ate and played games. 2009 was a hard year for us, but 2010 will be great.

Charcey & Keenan

Us with our good friends, Kory, Kelly & Keenan

Charcey ringing in the new year.

Things that are going to make the year 2010 great:

1. Charcey turns 3 - I can't believe it

2. My neice Laney joins the family (in April)

3. Foster turns 3 - sweet boy

4. Being a better mother & wife

5. Listening to God more

6. All my family will be happy

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Tessa said...

Love the pics! Hope your 2010 is great! We have got to meet up sometime. Keylee would love to play with Charcey!