Monday, October 19, 2009

Long Over Due...

Why in the heck is it so hard to blog? I really do not have an excuse. Once again, we have been so busy. Charcey is a mess, she makes us roll in laughter. She is getting so big, and mostly definitely not a baby anymore. Every morning when she get up she says "Look, mama, I got taller and taller...I can go to school now". I just tell her that she has to be my baby a little while longer. Here are a couple of pictures of her and Foster, I tried to get them to smile together, but they were just being silly.

I could eat these kids up. I love them so much.
Also, I turned 30 on Oct 8th. On much to my surprise, Jeremy planned a party. The little trip to Lubbock with my sister and Kelly, was a trick to get me away from the house so that everyone and their dogs (literally) could be at my house when we arrived back in town. It was a great party. It meant so much that Jeremy did all this for me. It was absolutely perfect. I could not have planned a better party myself (and I consider myself the expert :)). I really do have the best husband in the world.

Charcey's shirt said "My mom is 30 and your's is nerdy" rhinestones of course.

On Thursday we head to Vegas, for my good friend Kelly's wedding. She is getting married at the Belagio, in front of the fountains. It is going to be gorgeous. Pictures to come.

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Tessa said...

So sorry we missed your party. Kevin and I were celebrating 10 years of marriage! I hope you had a great time. Wow, I can't believe we are 30. Charcey is so cute! They grow up way too fast.