Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter. Charcey loved hunting eggs, but she loved the candy even more. The Easter Bunny came to visit her (4 times)...sad I know. She is completely spoiled rotten. The Easter Bunny brought her a camera of her very own (although I think the Easter Bunny was thinking Charcey was a little older than she is).
We hunted Easter eggs at B & Papaw's (Jeremy's parents) house. We all hunt eggs every Easter...no matter how old we are.

Then we hunted eggs at Kim-Kim & Doug's (my aunt & uncle) house with Madi, Kyler and Foster. Foster could care less about the eggs, he wanted to run and play with the dogs. It was cold, so the kids hunted quickly.

We had great weekend, and we hope you did too.

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Jake and Julia Soler said...

Sweet pictures, gosh the kids are getting so big already!