Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

Santa came Christmas Eve to visit Charcey, as you can tell, she was glad to see him! Santa was Charcey's uncle Josh, aka "Easter Bunny". She did not like Josh dressed up as Santa.
Charcey's B and Mamaw made her a dressup closet. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Every little girl's dream!

Christmas morning Charcey loved all of her gifts.

I decided to paint a table and chair set for Charcey. Whoa, it took me a lot longer to finish than I thought. Well, let me be honest, I am still not completely done.

Here is what Santa left for Charcey.
B & Papa also got Charcey a baby doll you can tell, Charcey thought it was big enough for her....
and for Breken :).
There are alot more pictures that I need to post, but I have to steal my mom's camera.
We hope your Christmas was as blessed as ours.


timmons said...

You did so great on her Table and ya Mom

Mama Karen said...

I love Charcey's haircut!! And WOW I didn't know you were such a great painter...I love the table and chairs! Miss you, friend!