Friday, August 22, 2008

Foster's Birthday...Finally

Now that my sister finally blogged about Foster's birthday party, I can blog about it. I figured she should be the first to tell everyone about it. It was so much fun. Foster loved opening his gifts, but of course so did Charcey. Charcey also liked to be the first one to play with Foster's new toys...we are working really hard on sharing and being nice. We still have a ways to go :). Needless to say, Foster had a great birthday.
Here are a couple of videos from that day:

Charcey Kaye is 17 months today, I just can't believe it!


timmons said...

Fun Fun Fun what a big Boy ...keep up the good work and you will be doing it without the toys soon...good job on standing up on your own Foster...steps come next...WOW MeMe will have both grandbabies walking...I will be running around trying to keep up with you both...I am already tried thinking about it...MeMe love Charcey and Foster so much

Penny Rodgers said...

I'm still freaked out that Ashley has a baby! She's still supposed to be in high school!

And as for you...I always new you were going to be a great mother!