Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can This Really Be Happening?

Can a sweet child go through the "terrible twos" at the age of 16 months...or is my child a phenomenon? Charcey has become a child that does not like to share, does not like to be touched, and definitely does not like to be told "no". If Foster or Reese (our dog) or anything else that resembles a breathing person or animal comes even remotely close to Charcey while she has a prized possession, she screams. (Prized possession: baby doll, cracker, or anything she can hold). She has also come to realize that when she says "Ouch" or "Ouwee" someone will always look, therefore it has become her new favorite saying, and will yell it anytime over, and over, and over. She has become extremely territorial. And the fun and test of patience begins.

As I have said before, Charcey is just like Ashley, when she was that age (according to my mom and others). Ashley was ornery, head strong, sneaky, independent, and so funny...just like Charcey is now. So if I have to put up with how Charcey is now for her to become a person like my sister...then I am in. I can only pray that Charcey becomes the sweet, God-loving, and amazing person my sister is. I guess there is always light at the end of the tunnel...but how long is that tunnel, I ask?


Michael and Leslie said...

Hi Jenifer! I came across your blog today. I can't believe how big Charcey is getting! She's such a beautiful little girl!

Michael and Leslie said...

We are going to Gateway in Southlake. It's Robert Morris' church. We absolutely love it! My mom and her new dog crack me up. She treats it just like a kid! She's had a bit of a hard time since Dustin & Colleen moved too, but I think she's adjusting now. She's got the dog:)

Foster's Journey said...
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Foster's Journey said...

I do not deserve that huge compliment, Thank You. I am honored to be compared to my Niece...truly.
I don't care if she is going through those "terrible twos" she makes me Laugh all the time, really, she is so funny.
Love you

Lonely Paul said...