Monday, June 2, 2008


This weekend Charcey and Foster went to their first swimming party. It was Luke (3) and Addie (1) Schniederjan's birthdays. They kids had so much fun. They love the water!! Also, please look past that my daughter is not wearing the bottoms to her bikini, some how we ended up at the party with out them. Oh well...she did not care!


timmons said...

Oh God I thank you for my sweet babies...they are the love of my life and I thank you for their mommy and daddy. I love to watch them play together, and show their love for each other already...Best friends forever

Foster's Journey said...

It going to be a fun summer, we are going to have two tan kiddos. I am so glad they like the water, I can't wait to get them into a big swimming pool.