Monday, June 23, 2008

First of Many (I am sure)

It has been two weeks since I have done a post. Last week was a blur. Jeremy and I had our 10 year reunion over the weekend, so last week we spent all of our time getting ready for that. We had such a great time and we got to see some of our favorite people in the world. I did not take very many pictures, which I am very sad about. Charcey spent her first night away from home on Saturday night, with B & Papaw. She did great...alot better than I did. It was tough on me.

The other exciting thing that happened this weekend is that Charcey received her first shiner...yip a black eye. We really can't figure out how she managed to get it. She was playing in the kitchen floor at B & Papaw's last night, and she started crying. All I can think of is that she hit the corner of the cabinets. I shot this video shortly after it happened. The lighting was not very good, so you can't actually see her black eye...but you can tell how much pain she was in:

Here are some pictures:


Wade said...

Poor Charcey!! First of many is right though.

Way to go on the video, it worked perfectly!!

Mom and Dad had fun this weekend too, see you next time we come see Grandma!!

Foster's Journey said...

Ouchy, poor baby. That looks like it hurt, although I think the black eye adds character! She seemed to be in good spirits about the whole the thing. I love that little girl, I cant' wait to spend the week with her.