Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walky, Walky

Now that Charcey has become a pro at walking...she is now running. It makes us laugh, because she literally makes laps around the living room. She runs around talking to herself. She has always be able to entertain herself, but now she is miss independent. She is getting so big.

She knows exactly what you are saying. Example, she will go and get whatever my mom asks her to get..whether it is a diaper, Foster's passy, or a toy. She is happy to fetch anything because it means that she can run to get it and run to bring it back.

She talks all the time, but we have no idea what she is saying most of the time. She loves saying "light" & "hot", she tells us that everything is hot. I am trying to teach her that the oven and stove are "HOT!" that when she says hot, she holds her hand as if she is saying stop. She is working on saying "don't know"...she holds out her hands with her palms up, but she has not grasped how to say it.

I am telling you, Charcey is the sweetest little thing. I know that I might be a bit partial...but she is such a joy. She has the sweetest soul that you can see through her eyes every time she looks at you. I am so blessed.


Sam and Mandy said...

I am really glad that you are enjoying the digital scrapbooking. I can see some evidence of your work on your page! It looks great! Thanks for sharing those sites with me. You might have already found this site, but it's my favorite and they have lots of freebies!

Ashley said...

I hsve to agree, she is the sweetest little thing. Charcey has the best personality and is quite the social butterfly. I love her to death.